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by Oliver Rust


For close to 25 years, I've been a photographer and videographer. I started my journey as a photographer at 16, and since then, my camera has been a constant companion. I've always loved the art of storytelling through photos and films. The best part is the human element and the special moments that come to life during the creative process, like capturing a person's essence in a portrait.

Photography is the magic of capturing light in images, forming a connection between the world and the lens, a shared experience with people.

Now, enters promptography, a newer sibling to photography. Promptography doesn't need to physically venture out like photography does but it benefits from real-world experience.

Having over 20 years of experience in photography and videography has turned out to be a major asset in promptography. My ability to visualize and describe the heart of an image, coupled with AI's capabilities, creates something entirely fresh and enchanting. It's a dialogue between me and AI, finding the right language and tone.

Working with AI to create new worlds and images is incredibly exciting. I'm convinced that the future of visual creation lies in the fusion of photography, filmmaking, and promptography. As a professional AI Artist and seasoned photographer, I possess a diverse skill set that blends artistic talent, technical proficiency, and a solid grasp of AI technology.

Check out also my work as Photo- and Videographer.

Oliver Rust, Visual Artist

With an array of diverse AI tools at hand, teaming up with me as a Visual Artist brings about several clear advantages!

Selfie with my first camera, age 6.

A real picture or generated? 

Artistic Proficiency

I’ve a strong foundation in art fundamentals, including composition, color theory, perspective, and visual storytelling. This is essential for creating compelling and visually captivating prompts.

Exploration of Styles

My AI-generated prompts act as a catalyst, emboldening me as visual artist to venture into uncharted territories of styles, techniques, and concepts. This fosters a bold and innovative visual exploration that expands artistic horizons.

Efficient Idea Generation

Leveraging the swiftness of AI, it empowers me to access a multitude of prompts in rapid succession. This efficiency becomes invaluable, particularly when seeking inspiration for specific projects or themes.

Breaking Creative Routine

My professional Prompts are an antidote to creative inertia. It fosters a bold departure from routine, enabling fresh perspectives and novel image capture.

Crossover with Other Arts

Beyond photography's confines, my AI-generated prompts boost interdisciplinary exploration. They foster creative dialogues between photography and other artistic forms, enriching expression.

Quick Prototyping

For the realm of commercials and advertising, AI prompts expedite idea conceptualization. Their swiftness facilitates efficient brainstorming and agile concept testing, propelling projects forward.

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